Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Plan

  1. Goal: Present a scrapbook full of all my memories, accomplishments, and the people I love.
  2. Materials/Resources/Information Required: I need scrapbook materials such as the cheesy quotes, the cute layouts, etc. Pictures of myself and others since I was younger, certificates, and anything else that represents me like songs or anything else like that.
  3. Timeline/ Production Schedule: Little by little I´ll be doing a couple pages a day but so far I have gathered almost all the pictures needed.
  4. How will you present your finished product to your colleagues: I will present my scrapbook through Prezi and it will contain maybe a couple videos that I have.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Plan for the AP Test

In order to do well on the AP test this semester, I plan on focusing fully on the AP lit terms until I fully know and understand them. I will focus on the definitions and also examples of each words. I also will begin working on the essays and start practicing on writing as well as analyzing any context that is asked to. I will practice each AP practice test at least every other day of the week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MacBeth Lecture Notes


  • highly accomplished at the beginning (Ex. Becoming king in Act III)
  • loses accomplishment by the end (Ex. losing the throne)
*Indirect characterization: 

  • battlefields
  • actions
--------->Scene from the porter<---------

-Most compelling character (Macbeth). Tragic Play!
  • Esteem of nobles, loving wife, roll of conquest among battle (beginning)
  • Macbeth ends up alone, dead wife, no one likes him (end of play)
-The architect of his own destruction.
  • He destroys himself while trying to cope with issues.
*Why kill Duncan?
--------> How do you know when you succeeded? MacBeth does not know. (ambitious character flaw)

*Important Lines: Lines 25-28, 48-49 Act I Scene 7

-He is evil! only thinks of the surface impression and not why.
-Witches at beginning of the play were probably clues of what they expected to happen.
-Not a hypocrite!
  • But in these cases we still have judgement here.
-Lady MacBeth is evil the whole time!
  • animus/anima (May be more masculine than feminine... way of thinking)
-Kills Duncan with his own desire.
  • Sees the dagger because of horror----> pulling him towards the murder against his will.
-MacBeth determination: Knows consequences but still does it.
-Lady MacBeth cannot deal and that's what causes her to destroy herself.
  • fainting spell
  • fretting
  • sleepwalking
  • commits suicide
-At beginning MacBeth and Lady MacBeth plan together but later MacBeth is left on his own.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top Three Remixes

Remixes... :)

*The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King 
~Jessica Parra

*The Color Purple by Alice Walker
~Betzy Bras

*The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
~Miranda Perez

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mind Map, Literature Analysis Book Notes

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Literature Analysis Notes.

The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle
• Delaney Mossbacher-lives in Attoyo Blanco Estates. Shows he’s wealthy (California)
-He hits a Mexican with his car
• Mexicans name-Candido Rincon
-Has a car with bottles and newspapers he was taking to the recycling center
• Use of imagery: “red-flecked eyes, the rictos of the mouth, rotten teeth ad incongruous shock of gray in the heavy black brush of the mustache.”
• Delaney’s thoughts when he hit the Mexican were of his car and insurance.
-Shows how careless he was of hitting a Mexican
• Told his wife no to worry because “it was just a Mexican.”
• Shows how less of feelings he has for Mexicans. Thought of him less of a person and frowns upon him.
• The Mexican did not want to be taken to the hospital-why?
• Candido explains how much pain he is in and explains the details and his point of view of the accident.
• The man just gave him $20
• His wife uses that money to buy supplies to help her husband.
• She tries to sneak away to the labor exchange, but Candido will not let her go.
• He explains his experience of working there: Imagery and time
• From this it shows how they are struggling with their living situations and with money
• Delaney goes to ta meeting to bring up the issue of the coyotes
• Shows how careless and selfish he is also
• Candido ends up working at the labor exchange
• Shows their struggle
• Candido describes his past
• He was successful
• Married “Resurrection” and 20 years old and was old sister to  of his wife now
• She cheats on him and he becomes a drunk: falling point in his life
• America is surprised to see an American woman trying to find work
• This shows much of what the society may be like
• The state of Candidos and America’s struggle was trying to go to the U.S.
• They paid a “coyote” to pass them and once they did a group of Mexicans attacked them and took everything and were sent back to Mexico
• Teenagers destroy the camp they live in
• Delaney and his wife view shows how they are very worried of the smallest things
• Candido and his wife move under an overpass where they are hidden
• He is not able to find a job and they cannot get food: shows how the society is in the struggle for a Mexican
• Candidos wife is pregnant and begins to work as a maid
• Candido also finds himself a job and they begin to do good: Can relate to someone who is struggling
• Delaney’s wife is concerned with how the neighborhood looks with the homeless living under the overpass: shows how looks are important to them
• They move again and live in a cardboard: imagery
• They are not able to find themselves a steady job: Their experience is like a rollercoaster
• There is a flood when Candido goes to look for a job and his wife dies in the flood
• Delaney saves his baby
Literary elements:
• Imagery
• Indirect and Direct characterization
• Hyperboles
• Similes
• Metaphors